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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Recipe for Success

During Writer's Workshop, students were asked to brainstorm ideas that would make our 3rd Grade year successful. They then created their own "Recipe for Success". Our students came up with excellent recipes. Here are a few examples.
Prep Time-180 days
1 gallon of fun
a pinch of Intelligence
a pound of engagement
a hint of pride
a school full of happiness
a dash of helpfulness
a tblsp of hard work
and a little bit of teamwork
Mix together to make a successful dish in the kitchen of Achyutha
From the kitchen of Gibran
3 cups of help
1 handful of teamwork
2 tblsp of learning
a pound of hard work
Mix it all and enjoy the great year!
From the kitchen of Ava
2 handfuls of imagination
3 cups of creativity
a dash of friendship
a swirl of trust
1 cup of ideas
10 tblsp of hard work
a sprinkle of caring
a pound of smiles
11 cups of enjoyment
Mix all ingredients good. Bake it for 180 days. Bring it out and taste the sweet success of 3rd grade!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to School

Our first day of school was a huge success! We enjoyed getting to know a little bit about each of our students while establishing the rituals and routines of our classroom. We also enjoyed a fun assembly featuring "The Bug Chef". We watched as he cooked with bugs. Many students were called up to help prepare the food and some even got to taste it! He made fried meal worms, stir fry scorpions, and grilled grasshoppers. From the looks of the students faces that got to try the cooked bugs, they didn't seem to bad :).