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Monday, February 4, 2013

Partner Reading

For the past few weeks, we have been studying informational text. Students have been reading nonfiction books during Readers' workshop and are learning about the different text features in a nonfiction passage. Today, students read an informational text with a partner. They then wrote a response in their reading journals about what they learned from their book. We are learning some interesting facts about all kinds of things! What a fun learning filled day we had in Readers' workshop!

Here is a sample of one student's response.

Dear Mrs. Shaffer and Mrs. Nelson,                                                                                      2-4-13
When I was partner reading with Ava, we read the informational text called Birds by Nicola Davies. It is about birds and how they use their feet to grab stuff and much more.
While reading, I learned
1. That some birds' skeletons are lighter than all their feathers. This makes it easier to fly.
2. Some baby birds are born with no feathers but grow them later.
3. The Toucan's bill is long and light because it is hollow.
I recommend this book to students who enjoy learning about birds.


Anonymous said...


love Ava

Anonymous said...

it was the BEST day EVER

love ansley